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What is Mocasa?

Mocasa is a platform offering buy now pay later (BNPL) service in the Philippines. It’s offering a credit limit from PHP 1000 to PHP 8000 to qualified users so they can use the credit to pay for goods and products in our partnered shops, online or in-store.

Where can I use Mocasa Credit?

You can use your Mocasa Credit in franchise stores, gas stations, restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets, to buy load, to pay bills, to buy insurance, and shop in any other partnered merchants of Mocasa, online or in-store.

What’s the benefits of paying with Mocasa Credit?

Pay for your purchases with Mocasa Credit upfront dring one billing circle. You get to buy now without actually spending your money first, which gives you more freedom to manage your budget and finance, without paying any interest fee when you repay your billing amount before the payment due date.

Through timely repayment behaviors, your credit line with being increased gradually, which gives more flexibility to shop how you like and manage your budget.

How to get Mocasa Credit?

Mocasa Credit works like loans. You’ll be given a credit limit depending on the information submitted in our app.

To get started, please install Mocasa app for customers and register an account using your phone number, fill in some basic information and submit for credit reviewing. You’ll get the result within 24 hours. During the Covid-19 pandemic, credit evaluation may take longer.

When to repay my loan on Mocasa?

One billing circle has 15 days. You'll receive a billing statement that shows how much you've spent in your last billing circle and how much to pay at the billing date on Mocasa App. Repay your billing amount before the payment due date. During the next 5 days following the billing date, pay your billing amount without any interest fee.
We'll also send you reminders in advance via text, email, or app notifications so you never miss a payment.

How to repay my loan on Mocasa?

You can repay your loan with your bank cards, on a machine in the convenience stores, by sending money to us from your GCash or other e-wallets.

What if I didn’t repay on time? Are there any overdue fees?

If you repay us within 3 days after the repayment date, you won’t be charged any overdue fees. Otherwise, the overdue fee is from 0.1% to 0.4% of your repayment amount daily. We don’t charge customers any other fee except overdue fee.

If I get approved with some amount of Mocasa Credit, do I need to repay it at once?

You only repay the amount that you used to make purchases. You don’t need to repay any if you didn’t pay transactions with Mocasa Credit.

Is there any interest fee?

No, you don’t pay any interest for using Mocasa loan.

How to cancel the transaction made by mistake?

Please cancel your transactions under the help the merchant owners where you shop.

Can I withdraw my Mocasa Credit in cash?

No, you can’t withdraw your credit on Mocasa in cash.

How to delete my information on Mocasa platform if my request for loan is rejected?

Please contact our customer service in Mocasa app to delete your information on Mocasa.